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ELA Curriculum

myView Literacy (K-5) and myPerspective Literacy (6-8) are blended print and digital, interactive              K-8 English language arts solutions that provide a balanced approach to the teaching of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking.

The research-based solution offers a modern and manageable approach that gives teachers the opportunity to inspire confidence, engage all students, and create the learning environment they have always imagined through:

  • Integrated Social Emotional Learning Instruction that engages with activities such as goal setting, collaboration and self-reflection, ensuring students learn beyond the text.

  • Reading and Writing Focus that immerses students by using authentic texts and engaging trade books, and allows them to work collaboratively in whole-group mini-lessons, small-group instruction, as well as independently.

  • Robust, Small-Group Instruction that provides meaningful differentiation to offer the "just-in-time" support students need.

  • Project-Based Inquiry that fosters collaborative learning and real-world problem solving through text-dependent analysis and research.

  • Cutting-Edge Digital Resources that amplify learning with digital games and launch videos; save time with Google Integration; and provide teachers customizable lesson playlists, intuitive reporting and digital note-taking through Realize and the Scout observational app.

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