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Prospective Familes

Tuition for 2021 - 2022 School Year

Pre-Kindergarten 3 - $3500/year

Pre-Kindergarten 4 - $3500/year

1 Student, K- Grade 8 - $2000/year

2 or More Students, PreK- 8th - $2600/year


I chose STBCA because it was a small school in my neighborhood where I believed that my child would receive a more personal education compared to the other surrounding schools. STBCA staff are great and fast with communicating and flexible with students and parents. Staff has also worked with my son to make sure he is reaching each milestone along the way. STBCA has also handled the ups and downs of COVID and restrictions with what seems like ease! I would recommend STBCA to other parents for the reason stated above.

— Terrica Maddox, STBCA Parent for 4 years

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