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Extra Mile Education Foundation History


In 1990, then-Bishop Donald Wuerl presented a group of Pittsburgh’s corporate leaders with a simple fact – a group of parochial elementary schools in some of the city’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods were educating at-risk students with remarkable results. However, the schools were in danger of closing due to lack of funds. Under the Bishop’s leadership, a partnership of volunteers was formed and the Education Mile Education Foundation was born. The name reflects the gospel challenge that when someone is in need, help is given, even if it means going the extra mile.

The Extra Mile Education Foundation relies on financial commitments and volunteered service to accomplish its mission. Funds raised through the generous foresight of benefactors cover well over 60 percent of the cost of education, with the balance coming from tuition, school-based projects and the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Human and physical resources are organized in a unique way to maximize the benefits made possible by contributors. The Extra Mile model shows that through broad-based philanthropy, a caring city can help some of its most disadvantaged children through education.

The Extra Mile Education Foundation Mission

Extra Mile Education Foundation provides financial support to urban children and their families seeking a values-based quality pre-kindergarten through eighth grade education in parochial schools. Through financial assistance and scholarship support, these children have access to an education that puts them on the path to success.

The assistance that Extra Mile Education Foundation provides takes the form of school subsidies at three schools-St. Benedict the Moor in the Hill District, Northside Catholic Assumption Academy on the Northside & Sr. Thea Bowman Catholic Academy in Wilkinsburg. In addition, Extra Mile Education Foundation provides scholarship grants to children attending other Catholic schools in the Pittsburgh Diocese serving children from under-resourced areas.

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